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Blazin Kings Private Reserves - Stash Box

Blazin Kings Private Reserves - Stash Box

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Looking to take your game up a notch? Then you need the lockable Blazin Kings Private Reserves Box! Sleek and stylish, complete with a combination lock to keep everything safe and secure. Change the vibes of your experience with this luxurious private reserves box. Designed with the highest quality materials. It features a lid compartment, removable nook, removable insert, and a combination lock. Our box is highly customizable, so whether you're looking to store flower, accessories, or anything else, the Blazin Kings Private Reserves Box has you covered. And because it's so sleek and stylish, it makes the perfect addition to any decor. So make your experience even more enjoyable with the Blazin Kings Private Reserves Box!

Whether you're a casual or a connoisseur, the Blazin Kings Private Reserves Box (with lock) is the perfect way to keep your flower fresh, safe and accessible.


This box features a combination lock to keep your flower out of reach of children and unwanted adults. You can also use this stash box for traveling in states that require you to lock up your flower.


- Lid Compartment

- Removable Nook

- 4 Jar Insert (Removable)

- Premium Suede Lining

- Combination Lock

Additional Info

Product Outer Dimensions: L= 12.25” (311mm) W= 10.5” (266mm) H= 4.38” (111mm)

Weight: 6 lbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend this much on a stash box, but Im glad I treated myself on this one. This is a cool ass box, the weed hit different when you get it out the box. I dont know how but it do lol

Got Mine!

Got my box, I love it!

Tyler Meltov

It’s everything I was expecting it to be. Dope as hell, if you need a box this is the one!

Cynthia Gonzales
Bought it as a gift!

My boyfriend absolutely loves the stash box! The quality and style is top notch! Thanks for the fast shipping