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Blazin Kings Cone Filler Set - Cone Loader + (LRG) Grinder + Flower Rake & Metal Packing Stick

Blazin Kings Cone Filler Set - Cone Loader + (LRG) Grinder + Flower Rake & Metal Packing Stick

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The King Cone Loader Set will make your pre-roll cone loading process way more efficient. This exclusive cone loader is specifically designed for king-size cones. The King Cone Loader has an easy scoop design that allows you to quickly and easily load your flower into the cone with maximum efficiency. The flower rake and kings staff allows you to scrape and pack your flower like a pro. So if you're looking for a faster, easier way to load your cones, no more wasted flower or sticky fingers - just perfect cones every time. Pick up a King Cone Loader set today and make your life easier!

This set also features Our Blazin Kings Grinder, it’s highly durable and will make quick work of your flower. Our grinders are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, so it's built to last a lifetime. It also features razor-sharp diamond cutting blades for smooth grinding. Plus, it has a kief catcher, so you can make sure nothing goes to waste. And when you're done, it's easy to clean too.


- King Cone Loader

- Easy Scoop Edge

- Wide Neck

Kings Staff Cone Packer

- Flower Rake

- 4-Chamber Grinder

Additional Info

Packaging Dimensions: L= 6.25” (158mm) W= 4.25” (108mm) H= 3.12” (79mm)

Weight: 10.6 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Leonard Marro
Best set in the game

Best set in the game no lies! Better than all my other filling devices by far. The quality is unmatched!

Darryl Pockins
Great Set!

Great set, and great quality. Would definitely recommend makes packing cones easy and fast.